Cult Expert Sees 95% Chance of Worsening Trump Violence Featuring Dr. Steven Hassan

January 6th was just the start of a rising tide of far right violence from Donald Trump's cult. Cult expert Dr. Steven Hassan joins Thom Hartmann to discuss what is coming from the far right. The Thom Hartmann Program covers diverse topics including immigration reform, government intrusion, privacy, foreign policy, and domestic issues. More people listen to or watch the TH program than any other progressive talk show in the world! Join them. #MorefromThom The Thom Hartmann Program is on Free Speech TV every weekday from 12-3 pm EST. Missed an episode? Check out Thom Hartmann Playlist on our Youtube channel or visit the show page for the latest clips. #FreeSpeechTV is one of the last standing national, independent news networks committed to advancing progressive social change. #FSTV is available on Dish, DirectTV, AppleTV, Roku, Sling and online at


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