2014-05-11 18:35:36

Weekly Feminist Reader

Humanizing a vast community through the simplicity of their faces.

Women writers and comedians on the choice not to have kids.

Even if you don’t care about sports, Michael Sam being the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL is a big fucking deal.

When you’re poor in America, hard work is just not enough 

What it’s like to visit your mom in prison on Mother’s Day.

Teju Cole brings helpful nuance to the #BringBackOurGirls conversations.

Two different schools in the Bronx, two vastly different experiences.

On Leslie Jones’ SNL slavery jokes: ”racial humor [must be] wielded like a scalpel, precisely and with purpose, not swung about, willy nilly.”

Tavi and Miley sit down for a conversation, on sex, race and fame.

Melissa Harris Perry and Jessica Valenti on the slut-shaming of Monica Lewinsky.

In a San Francisco hospital, C-sections are on the decline and the results and evidence look good.

Like Shailene Woodley, I used to say I wasn’t a feminist.”

“What do you do for a living?” and other personal questions I’m unlearning as a white person.

The connection between domestic violence and chronic illness.

Activists on the political advice they got from their mothers.

Pope Francis is cracking down on radical nuns.

More on the new Tennessee bill authorizing the arrest and incarceration of women who use illegal drugs while pregnant.

Are Iranians people of color? Persian, Muslim and model minority race politics.

How to organize for tenet’s rights in a gentrifying neighborhood.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week?