2013-05-26 16:58:36

Weekly Feminist Reader

Beyonce on the cover of Ms. magazine

Bey is on the cover of Ms., giving the feminist blogosphere another month to police her feminism and then yell at itself for this policing.

Read Kiermot Wilmont’s story in her own words.

Advertisers can’t ignore the #FBrape campaign.

Prosecuting Ariel Castro for murdering a fetus will endanger pregnant women.

Kanye raps against mass incarceration and private prisons.

How many times does Jerry Lewis have to tell you that ladies just aren’t funny?

The Sun‘s May interview is with Ai-jen Poo.

Reject anti-trans bigotry from Deep Green Resistance.

Students from four more colleges have filed federal complaints against theirs schools for mishandling sexual violence.

Princess Bubblegum rejects a suitor and misogynistic narratives in a single episode!

Recent grads: two sociologists have some advice for you.

Your point of view is not the default.

Hell yeah, Journos of Color.

Can we stop with the fembots already?

Young women of color killed in the 1963 Birmingham bombing were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Queer bash back.

Support the creation of a documentary about Obama’s mama.

The Boy Scouts will now welcome gay youths but not gay leaders because homosexuality is the same thing as pedophilia, right?

Facebook censors breast cancer ad, but not the glorification of rape.

Haifa project challenges gender and sexuality taboos.

What should you know about the Chicago school closings?

Reddit weighs in on how to please your man. No way that could go wrong!

Sorry guys, but pictures on Trayvon Martin’s cellphone aren’t relevant to his murder.

Baylor told Brittney Griner not to talk about her sexuality.

We need more working moms and female anti-heroes on TV.

In honor of today’s Season 4 Netflix debut, a 2012 look at the feminism of Arrested Development.

Self-promotion alert: tomorrow is the last day to donate to Know Your IX!

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to last week? Enjoy the long weekend, and we’ll be back on Tuesday!