Meet the Staff

  • Executive Director

    Ron Williams

    Ron is the Executive Director at Free Speech TV. He serves as the network’s chief executive. He joined FSTV in 2012 and brings several decades of experience as a reporter, editor, publisher, founder and chief executive in the independent media space. Over the years Ron has been a serial entrepreneur in progressive media, founding and building several for-profit social enterprise companies. He believes that in the billion-dollar world of corporate television, Free Speech TV is an enormously significant venture in organizing a national network around the basic concept of the public interest. He considers it a great honor to work with the small-but-mighty FSTV team on this bold and crazy experiment.

  • Chief of Staff

    Jon Stout

    Jon is Chief of Staff at Free Speech TV, helping to shape the network’s mission strategy, as well as its fundraising and business initiatives. He co-founded FSTV in 1995, after serving with The 90’s Channel, LA Filmforum and Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. Jon was a Fellow in the Rockefeller Foundation's Next Generation Leadership Program and a founding board member of Working Films. He has served on funding panels for the NEA, ITVS, AFI and numerous foundations. In 2010, Jon and FSTV were awarded the National Professional Freedom & Responsibility Award; past recipients include Bill Moyers, Molly Ivins, Noam Chomsky, and Studs Terkel. He is proud to be part of the “new and unsettling force” of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.

  • Chief Content Officer

    Nina Henderson Moore

    Nina is the Chief Content Officer at Free Speech TV. She oversees the Digital, Operations, Production and Acquisitions departments. She joined FSTV in 2016, and brings with her experience in news and film production and programming. Nina loves having the opportunity to produce media with a mission to make the world a better place.

  • Controller

    Yolanda Williams

    Yolanda is the Controller at Free Speech TV. She oversees the financial and business affairs of the organization. She joined FSTV in 2013 and brings more than 20 years of Accounting experience. She loves that working at FSTV allows her to touch lives and serve a purpose higher than self.

  • Director of Production

    Alexander Maness

    Alexander is the Director of Production at Free Speech TV, responsible for overseeing FSTV's studio and field productions, as well as playing a key role in content acquisitions, promotions and editing. He joined the FSTV team for the midterm elections in 2010, and has been a strong member of the programming team ever since. Before arriving at Free Speech TV, Alexander contributed to Al Gore's creative television project, Current TV, based in San Francisco. Alexander is passionate about creating unfiltered media that empowers citizens to make true democracy happen. He is committed to documenting the grassroots movements of our time, and stays focused on making the world a better place for all.

  • Development Director

    Kristi Gallagher

    Kristi is the Development Director at Free Speech TV, responsible for overseeing the Development department and designing and implementing FSTV’s annual and multi-year fundraising plans that incorporate individual contributions and major gifts. She joined the FSTV team in late 2017, bringing with her a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit and Global Leadership and more than a decade of experience in local nonprofit organizations. She previously served as the Chief Operating Officer at the Marion Downs Center and the Development Director at the Civic Center Conservancy and the Denver Waldorf School. She believes that change is always possible when citizens are active and engaged, and as long as there is change, there is always hope.

  • Digital Content Producer

    Devin Moroney

  • Digital Content Producer

    Marcus Flowers

  • Leadership Giving Officer

    Mary Jo Baker

  • Fundraising Manager

    Christine Fiedler

  • Donor Data Administrator

    Maya Shannon

  • Fundraising Administrative Assistant

    Armando Garibay

  • Broadcast Operations Coordinator

    Allyce Farino

  • Program Coordinator

    Teo Lucero